How to Find a Natural Treatment for Dog UTI

How to Find a Natural Treatment for Dog UTI


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Expert Author Rebecca Shelly

Frequent and common occurrences of urinary tract infections, caused by the E. coli bacteria can cause serious complications such as a life threatening kidney infection. Also, your dog may have diabetes which can cause the pH of the urinary tract to become unbalanced creating an unhealthy environment ripe for infection. Kidney and bladder stones can also be the culprit of repeated UTI's. If your dog has repeated infections a health checkup may be needed.

On the other hand, the outcome of treating a urinary tract infection for your dog or cat can be comparable to antibiotics if the UTI is from E. coli. If your dog is obviously in pain a trip to the vet is recommended. However, if you are familiar with past urinary tract issues and the symptoms; trying to urinate more often and in places that he normally doesn't go are present, then maybe it's time to try a natural treatment for dog UTI.

The majority of veterinarians will treat your dog's UTI with antibiotics, and while they have their place in medicine, they are over and unnecessarily used to treat problems that many times can be resolved with a natural treatment. Antibiotics while eradicating the bacteria temporarily does not address the problem causing the repeated UTI's. Repeated UTI's are often caused by diet; lack of fluids, dry food, parasites, even stress.

Many people have found that apple cider vinegar works well. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and help the symptoms. Like all natural treatments for dog uti, including vitamins, they should be given on a regular basis to prevent and reinforce a healthy urinary tract.

Another popular product is D-mannose, a plant sugar found in cranberries and other fruits. The upper segment of the gastrointestinal tract absorbs the D-mannose which does not elevate blood sugar levels, especially important for diabetics. The E-coli bacteria, the cause of most bladder infections, will connect to the D-mannose instead of the bladder wall, washing itself out with urination and clearing up any and all infection and irritation. For years many people thought it was the acidic property in cranberry juice that was helping bladder infections, but it is the sugar (D-mannose) that aids in removing the bacteria.

If you are not sure of the correct dosage and amounts to give your pets another natural treatment for dog UTI are formulated holistic products available specifically for pets which cover a wide range of remedies from behavior to urinary tract health. Holistic vets use homeopathic remedies such as natural herbs and supplements. The same products that help humans can also be used for your dog. Supplements such as garlic, Echinacea, vitamin C, Uva Ursi and Yarrow used in conjunction can clear and maintain the urinary tract.

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